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Our holistic facility includes Advanced Weight Reduction, Digestive Disorders, Orthopedics, Spine Treatment, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Family Counselling, Curing Stress Related Disorders, Diet Plan for a healthy body, Pre-diabetic Preventive Care, Personalized Yoga & Group Yoga. We battle stress and lifestyle related disorders using time-tested cures inspired by nature.

Health is Wealth

Each body has a natural tendency to protect itself from disorders and heal itself. But the secret lies in triggering the resources so they can recognize and beat the threat. We don’t just specialize in curing disorders, but also preventing them and help you maintain good health.

Achieve your goal of Staying Healthy

The choice regarding our health is simple: Either invest a relatively small amount to stay in good health, or pay a huge amount later to treat the disease that is bound to eventually hit us.

Preventive Health Care is important. At KAMAL’S LIFESTYLE CLINIC, we guarantee that you will thank yourself later by being healthier.

Advanced Obesity Technology

Over time, false advertising has led to the misconception of weight. We associate being healthy to being slim. On the contrary, not every heavy body is unhealthy and not every lean body is healthy. We have seasoned nutritionists who carefully study an individual’s lifestyle and body type to draft a perfect diet plan.

Digestive Disorders

Proper gut function is critical to addressing what can be seemingly unrelated conditions. If your gut is not happy, your body is not happy. A holistic approach considers many factors of health and disease, considering physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, social and other factors. We seek to discover and address the underlying cause the disorder, as opposed to treating symptoms as isolated and unrelated problems.


Orthopedic and Joint Specialists of KAMALS’S LIFESTYLE CLINIC take special interest in restoring you to your full mobility and helping you return to the activities you enjoy. Our physician and nurses use the most up-to-date techniques and principles to reduce pain, leading to a faster recovery.

You can trust our orthopedic specialists for all your orthopedic and joint restorative needs. We work with you to create a more active and healthy future.

Stress Related Disorders – Prevention & Cure

Whilst occasional anxiety is normal, feeling anxious without reason is not. Persistent worrying thoughts that affect your day-to-day life may indicate you suffer from a generalized anxiety disorder. Symptoms may include irritability, impatience, restlessness, feeling tense or on edge or poor concentration. If your physical health is affected, stress may produce symptoms such as headaches, muscle tension, jaw pain, difficulty falling or staying asleep (insomnia), dry mouth, fatigue, chest tightness, indigestion, bloating and excessive sweating. Certain nutritional deficiencies can cause severe anxiety.

Dr. KAMAL’S LIFESTYLE CLINIC addresses all these through proper diet plan and counselling.

Spine Treatment

Lifestyle has the biggest influence on back pain, and healthy habits such as a good diet, exercising, stretching, and posture can give you back pain relief or help you prevent future problems. Uncomplicated low back pain can be relieved and prevented with simple lifestyle changes such as exercising to strengthen your muscles, maintaining a healthy weight, and practicing good posture lowers your risk. Learning to bend and lift properly, sleeping on a firm mattress, sitting in supportive chairs, and wearing supportive shoes are important factors. For many of us who spend much of the day sitting down, ergonomic seating features can help reduce the occurrence of many work-related injuries including back and joint pain.

Naturopathic Treatment for spine highly recommends exercise because it improves the absorption of nutrients to spinal discs, thereby procrastinating the process of deterioration of cells that comes with age. Naturopathy offers several natural remedies to relieve and prevent backache. After naturopathic assessment, we treat lower back pain with natural medicine along with natural therapies such as acupuncture and massage.

Family Counselling

The changing patterns of family life, rapid urbanization leading to globalization, once luxuries turning to necessities, financial pressures, and competition at every level are having a stressful impact on people.

Leading such stressful lives brings in emotional problems such as loneliness, inter personal conflicts, depression, suicidal feelings, alcoholism, drug addiction and even mental breakdown.

Often people suffer from these problems without knowing where to go for help or even know that help is possible. Dr. KAMAL’S LIFESTYLE CLINIC offers Confidential Counseling services.

People could walk in and talk in total confidentiality to a well-trained therapist who would listen and help one to explore one's own problems in all aspects and help them decide how to resolve them - discover their hidden strength and resources - free the stress and strain and emerge with a new hope. We help people rediscover Happiness & Peace.


The concept of Health goes way beyond physical wellbeing. Human body is amazing in its own way of conveying its requirements. We at KAMAL’S LIFESTYLE CLINIC provide synergistic approach by providing physical and mental wellness programmes. Our simple solutions engage you to make small lifestyle changes which lead to Health and Wellness.

We help you achieve perfect harmony between mind and body to cope with the day to day pressures of the competitive world effectively through our Group Yoga & Personalized Yoga therapies.

Diet Plan

The first step on the road to a fitter, slimmer body is always the hardest. Over time, false advertising has led to the misconception of weight. We associate being healthy to being slim. On the contrary, not every heavy body is unhealthy and not every lean body is healthy.

We have seasoned nutritionists who carefully study an individual’s lifestyle and body type to draft a perfect diet plan.

Pre-Diabetic Preventive Care

Diabetes in India is growing alarmingly with over 65 million people diagnosed currently. And many still rely on drugs that come with adverse side effects. We, on the other hand, use organic procedures to cure it at the pre-diabetic stage itself. We believe in discovering the root cause of a health issue and prescribing treatments that eliminate recurrence.

Could you have prediabetes? Taking action early can prevent you from getting this dangerous disease. We prevent Diabetes using natural therapy to cure it at the pre-diabetic stage itself.

If you do have prediabetes, research shows that doing just two things can help you prevent or delay type 2 diabetes: Lose 5% to 7% of your body weight and get at least 150 minutes each week of physical activity, such as brisk walking.

We offer programs that can help you reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by as much as 58%. Trained lifestyle coaches lead classes to help you improve your food choices, increase physical activity, and learn coping skills to maintain weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes.